Travel Insurance

Allianz has an insurance cover for you.

Whether you’re heading to snowy slopes or beautiful beaches, going abroad is an exciting experience.

Although accidents can happen while you’re away, the best travel insurance policies provide you with peace of mind. With travel insurance from Allianz, you’ll be covered for many unforeseen eventualities.

Our holiday insurance can be used to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, delays, lost or stolen baggage and personal liability. When you choose Allianz travel insurance, there’s no more wondering ‘what if?’ There’s a policy for most types of travel so whether you’re heading on a family holiday, a last-minute business trip or jetting off on a few city breaks, we’ve got cover for you.



At Allianz, we offer travel insurance that’s appropriate for most travellers. Our policies provide varying levels of cover; therefore it’s important that you read your policy documents carefully, so that you know exactly what you’re covered for before you travel. If there’s anything on the policy that you’re not sure about, please get in touch – we’ll be happy to help.

Our Single Trip, Annual and Backpacker policies all suit different needs. Plus, we pffer three different levels of cover - Bronze, Silver and Gold – so you can choose the cover with the claim limits that meets your needs. Depending on which policy and level of cover you choose, you’ll be covered for: 

·        Cancelling or cutting short your trip

·        Emergency medical and associated expenses

·        Loss of passport*

·        Delayed personal possessions

·        Lost, stolen or damaged personal possessions*

·        Loss of money*

·        Personal accident

·        Missed departures

·        Delayed departures

·        Personal liability

*Not available with Bronze level cover

Terms and Conditions Apply.

  • Perfect for those that only travel occasionally whether here in the UK, Europe or Worldwide.
Unlimited trips per year
  • Cover all your trips this year with one affordable policy. Trip limits apply.
  • Gap year, career break, or just a wander? Ideal cover for overseas or adventure travel.
Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance icon
Choose our Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance to get the cover you need for multiple holidays over one year. 

Backpacker Travel Insurance icon
Backpacking is a great way to fuel your sense of discovery. Our Backpacker insurance helps take the stress out of travelling, so you can see the places you’ve always dreamed of.

Single trip Travel insurance icon
Whether you’re heading on a beach break in Europe or travelling to a far-flung corner of the world, our Single Trip travel insurance is ideal for those taking just the one trip.
Business Travel Insurance icon
Whether you’re travelling once or multiple times, our Business travel insurance has you covered, so you can focus on the job at hand.

Family Travel Insurance Icon
Our Family travel insurance helps to protect you and your loved ones when things don’t go according to plan. 
Winter Sports and Ski travel insurance icon
Whether you’re skiing in the Alps or snowboarding in the Rockies, our Winter Sports and Ski insurance can protect you. 
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