If you’re heading on a holiday this year, our Single Trip travel insurance can help to protect you.

It’s important that you have travel insurance before setting off on holiday – in fact, it’s often considered an essential. Luckily, our Single Trip travel insurance can help cover you if something goes wrong during your holiday. If you need to cancel your trip before you go, for example, or if you suffer an injury or illness while you’re away, you’ll have cover in place.

If you’re only going on one trip this year, then Single Trip travel insurance is likely to be the best option for you. You can get cover for the duration of your trip (up to 180 days), regardless of whether you’re holidaying in Europe or somewhere else abroad.

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With our Single Trip travel insurance, you can select the cover that best suits your needs. You’ll get to choose between three levels of cover: Bronze, Silver or Gold. Depending on which level of protection you pick, you’ll be covered for:

·         Cancelling or cutting your trip short

·         Emergency medical and associated expenses

·         Loss of passport*

·         Delayed personal possessions

·         Lost, stolen or damaged personal possessions*

·         Loss of money*

·         Personal accident

·         Missed departures

·         Delayed departures

·         Personal liability

*Not available with Bronze level cover

Terms and conditions apply.

If you plan to do some fun activities whilst you’re away, you may want to purchase additional cover. If you’re going skiing, tobogganing or snowboarding, for example, our Winter Sports and Ski add-on offers an appropriate level of cover for most skiing holidays. 

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Delayed Departure
Delayed Personal Possessions
Emergency Medical Associated expenses
Loss of Passport
Missed Departure
Personal Accident
Personal Money
Personal Possessions
Personal liability

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose Single Trip or Annual travel insurance; your decision will likely depend on how often you travel.

Single Trip travel insurance is a better option if you only plan to go away once in the near future. But if you’ll be travelling twice or more in a calendar year, it may be worth choosing Annual travel insurance. Should you need to arrange travel insurance each time you go away, Annual cover can be more cost-effective than buying several Single Trip policies.

Whether you’re visiting Europe or somewhere further afield, our Single Trip travel insurance can cover trips lasting up to 180 days. When you book your cover, you’ll just need to tell us when you’re going, where you’re going and how long you’re travelling for.

Please note that, if your trip is scheduled to last for over 180 days, no part of your trip will be covered by the insurance. 

If you’re enjoying a staycation in Ireland, it’s still worth taking out travel insurance for your trip. After all, unexpected things can happen – even when you’re close to home. With Single Trip travel insurance, you’ll have cover in case you need to cancel your holiday or cut it short, for example.

When you take out a policy, just selectyour destination as Ireland. This will help cover any staycation in the Republic of Ireland.

If you’re travelling elsewhere, you can still take out Single Trip travel insurance for your trip. You’ll just need to select the countries you will be travelling to. Please note that you will not be covered if you travel to a country that you have not selected and had confirmed on your insurance confirmation.

Protect your loved ones on holiday with our Single Trip family travel insurance. Whether you’re exploring a new city or lounging on the beach, you can relax knowing everyone has cover. 
Heading away for an important business meeting? Our Single Trip travel insurance with business cover has your back, so all you need to worry about is impressing in the boardroom. 
Whether you’re heading to Val d’Isère or Vail, hit the slopes knowing you’re covered, with an annual or single trip ski insurance policy from Allianz. 
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+ Individual trips must not last more than 35 days in duration.

Terms and conditions apply.