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Allianz Global Assistance

Policy Information

You spend plenty of time and money planning your holiday. Travel insurance cover from Allianz helps protect that investment. Think of all the things that can affect your trip: an unexpected medical emergency, a transport delay, lost or stolen luggage, and more. Allianz offers the support you need to handle the unexpected. 

With three different levels of cover to choose from, plus additional cover options, you'll find the right insurance for you.

The following is a summay of the main cover limits.

You should read the policy document for the full terms and conditions. You can review, download or print a copy using the links at the bottom of this page.


Existing medical conditions are not covered unless they have been declared to and accepted in writing by the insurer. 

If you have any existing medical conditions, our confidential medical screening service will be able to confirm if cover can be offered for your existing medical condition(s) and if an extra premium needs to be paid.

Summary of cover

We pay the following maximum benefits for each insured person. Please see the Policy Summary document for full details.
CoverLimit (up to)ExcessLimit (up to)ExcessLimit (up to)ExcessLimit (up to)Excess
1 Cancellation or curtailment€5,500€55€2,750€75€550€100€2,750€100
- Excursions€150 €150 €150 €150 
2 Emergency medical and associated expenses€10 million€55€5 million€75€1 million€100€5 million€100
- In-patient benefit€1,000 (€50/day) €550 (€25/day) €220 (€10/day) €550 (€25/day) 
- Funeral expenses€1,500 €1,500 €1,500 €1,500 
- Dental€350 €350 €350 €350 
- Excursions€150 €150 €150 €150 
- Transport / accommodation  in home country€1,000 €1,000 €1,000 €1,000 
3 Loss of passport 
Nil€165NilNo coverN/A€165Nil
4 Delayed possessions 
€220 after 12hrsNil€165 after 12 hrsNil€55 after 12 hrsNil€165 after 12 hrsNil
5 Personnal possessions€2,200€55€1,650€75No coverN/A€1,650€100
- Single item, pair or set€330 €330   €330 
- Valuables limit€550 €440   €440 
- Tobacco, alcohol, fragrances€50 €50   €50 
6 Personnal money€550€55€550€75No coverN/A€550€100
- Cash €275 €275   €275 
7 Personnal accident
8 Missed departure€825Nil€550Nil€275Nil€550Nil
9 Delayed departure        
- Delay€330 (€30 1st 12hrs / €15 extra 12hrs)Nil€280 (€20 1st 12hrs / €10 extra 12hrs)Nil€110 (€10 / 12hrs)Nil€280 (€20 1st 12hrs / €10 extra 12hrs)Nil
- Abandonment€5,500 (after 24hrs)€55€2,750 (after 24hrs)€75€550 (after 24hrs)€100€2,750 (after 24hrs)€100
10 Personnal liability
€2 million
€55€2 million€75€1 million€165€2 million€100
11 Legal expenses
€27,500Nil€27,500N/ANo coverN/A€27,500Nil
12 Catastrophe
NilNo coverN/ANo coverN/ANo coverN/A
13 Mugging
€250NilNo coverN/ANo coverN/ANo coverN/A
14 Pet care€100NilNo coverN/A5No coverN/ANo coverN/A
Additional covers
15 Winter sports cover        
Ski pack€330€55€330 €75€330€100€330€100
Delayed ski equipment€330 after 12 hrsNil€330 after 12 hrsNilNo coverN/A€330 after 12 hrsNil
Ski equipment (own)€440€55€440€75No coverN/A€440€100
- single item€330 €330   €330€100
Ski equipment (hired)€220€55€220€75No coverN/A€220 
Piste closure€220 (€20/day)Nil€220 (€20/day)Nil€220 (€20/day)Nil€220 (€20/day)Nil
Avalanche closure€275 (€25/day)Nil€275 (€25/day)Nil€275 (€25/day)Nil€275 (€25/day)Nil
16 Golf cover        
Green fees€400 (€80/day)€55€400 (€80/day)€75No coverN/ANo coverN/A
Delayed golf equipment€220 (€20/12 hrs)Nil€220 (€20/12 hrs)NilNo coverN/ANo coverN/A
Golf equipment (single item)€1,650 (€300)€55€1,650 (€300)€75No coverN/ANo coverN/A
Hole in one€55Nil€55NilNo coverN/ANo coverN/A
17 Wedding cover        
Wedding rings€500 /ring€55€500 /ring€75No coverN/ANo coverN/A
Wedding gifts€1,000 /couple€55€1,000 /couple€75No coverN/ANo coverN/A
Wedding clothes€1,500 /couple€55€1,500 /couple€75No coverN/ANo coverN/A
Wedding photographs / video€750 /couple€55€750 /couple€75No coverN/ANo coverN/A
18 Business cover        
Replacement business associate€1,000€55€825€75No coverN/ANo coverN/A
Business equipment €550€55€330€75No coverN/ANo coverN/A
- single item, pair or set€300 €100€75    
Business samples€275€55€165€75No coverN/ANo coverN/A