From 30th June 2021 we are no longer providing cover for Breakdown Assistance on our website.

We will keep track of the demand for this cover and may reintroduce it in the future. Policies purchased before 30th June 2021 aren't affected and your cover will carry on until your policy expires.

Breakdown Cover for the UK & Ireland

If your car or van breaks down while you’re travelling around the UK or Ireland, it can seriously delay your journey. It could make you several hours late for work, or it could mean that you’re stuck on some rural country road. You could even miss a big chunk of your holiday while you’re stranded at the roadside.

If you don’t have Breakdown cover for the UK and Ireland, then breaking down can cost you time and money. After all, you’ll need to find a local mechanic who may be able to help you; if your car cannot be fixed at the roadside, then you’ll also need to find a local garage and somebody who can tow you there. Then, if your car still cannot be fixed, you’ll need to pay to get yourself, your family and your car home.

But, if you take out our Breakdown cover for the UK and Ireland, we can help get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Our expert team are available to help 24/7. Simply provide us with a few basic details about your circumstances and we’ll get a trained mechanic out to you as quickly as possible. If we can’t get you moving within four hours, we’ll pay for overnight accommodation, a courtesy car or the cost of rail fare.

And if you accidentally fill up with the wrong fuel, or if your keys are lost, damaged or stolen, we can provide assistance then too.

When you take out our Breakdown cover for the UK and Ireland, you’re covered in Ireland and all of the UK, including Northern Ireland.

This means you’re covered if you’re travelling to and from work, enjoying a staycation in Ireland, taking a trip to the Scottish Highlands, watching the rugby in Wales, or visiting London.

Please note that you will not be covered if you travel outside the area shown on your confirmation email. For example, if you take out our Breakdown cover for the UK and Ireland and visit continental Europe, you will not be covered. For this journey, you would need to take out a European Breakdown cover policy. 

Our Breakdown cover for the UK and Ireland is suitable for most passenger cars. However, we cannot provide cover for your vehicle if it is over 15 years old.

If you’re driving a light commercial vehicle like a van, then it cannot be more than 10 years old. In addition, it must not exceed:

  • 3,500 kg in weight (including load)
  • 7 metres in length
  • 3.0 metres in height
  • 2.3 metres in width

We will also recover any caravan or trailer that you are towing (providing it does not exceed the above dimensions). But, please note that motor homes are not covered by our Breakdown cover for the UK and Ireland. 

At Allianz, we try to ensure that our Breakdown cover for the UK and Ireland covers most eventualities. So, if your keys are lost, stolen or damaged, then we will provide you with assistance. We will help arrange recovery to a repairer, or we will arrange (but not pay for) a mobile locksmith to attend the vehicle.

Similarly, if you accidentally fill your vehicle with the incorrect fuel, we will arrange for the vehicle to be recovered to the nearest suitable garage, or arrange (but not pay for) a mobile fuel drain service to remobilise your vehicle.

If you run into trouble on the road more than 1.5km from your home, our Ireland Breakdown cover is designed to get you moving again. Whether you’ve broken down or your car won’t start, our expert technicians are only a call away.
Whether you’re driving to a holiday home in France or taking a road trip through Europe, don’t leave home without getting the cover you need. Our European travel insurance is suitable for most travellers, and can be purchased for one-off or multiple trips, as well as backpacking experiences across the continent. 
Our Ireland Breakdown Cover Plus polices include home breakdown cover. So, whether your car won’t start on your driveway or it grinds to a halt on a country road, we’ll be there to get you moving again. 
If you’re heading on a road trip across Europe or taking the car on a family holiday, our European Breakdown cover will help to ensure that nothing puts the brakes on your time away. 
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* Prices based on a 30 year old travelling up to 3 days within the UK with no existing medical conditions.

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