From 30th June 2021 we are no longer providing cover for Breakdown Assistance on our website.

We will keep track of the demand for this cover and may reintroduce it in the future. Policies purchased before 30th June 2021 aren't affected and your cover will carry on until your policy expires.

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Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Includes all bronze benefits
  • Plus home breakdown assistance, so we can help you if your van won't start when you're parked up at home.
  • Includes all the Bronze and Silver benefits
  • Gold Cover also includes onward travel
  • Plus recovery if your keys are lost or damaged or you fill up with the wrong fuel.

  • 24/7 vehicle repair and recovery when you're 1 mile away from home
  • 24/7 roadside assistance and vehicle and recovery, when you're 1 mile away from your registered address
At Allianz, we offer a level of Van Breakdown cover that’s appropriate for most van users. You can choose between three levels of cover: 
  •  Van Breakdown cover: If you break down over 1.5km away from your home address, we offer 24/7 breakdown assistance. We’ll spend an hour trying to recover your van from the side of the road and, if this isn’t possible, we’ll organise and pay for you, your van and up to seven passengers to be taken to the nearest suitable garage.  
  • Ireland Van Breakdown Cover Plus: This includes all the great benefits of our Van Breakdown cover, but with home assistance added. This means we can help you if your van won’t start at home or if you suffer a breakdown within 1.5km of your home address. 
  • Ireland and UK Van Breakdown cover: This includes all the great benefits of our Ireland Van Breakdown Cover Plus policy, but you’re also protected in the UK. As part of this policy, we also provide national recovery and help with onward travel and vehicle collection. We can also arrange assistance (but not cover the cost) if you fill your van with the incorrect fuel or lose your keys.
With all three levels of cover, you’re entitled to five call outs per year. For more information about exactly what your Van Breakdown cover protects you against, and to see any terms and conditions that may apply, please consult your policy documents.

If you’re on your way to work, heading out to complete a job or driving to pick up some supplies, then breaking down can seriously derail your plans. After all, it’s likely to make you very late for work, or it could even prevent you from carrying out a job for a customer as planned.

Plus, if you break down on your way somewhere, then the process of getting your van repaired can be stressful and costly. First, you’ll need to find a mechanic who can attend and carry out any necessary repairs. If this isn’t possible, then you’ll have to find a local garage who can repair your vehicle and a tow company who can take your van there. When you add together the cost of labour and towing, this process could cost you hundreds of euros.

But, if you’ve taken out Van Breakdown cover with us, our experienced technicians are only a phone call away. We’re available 24/7 and, once you’ve supplied us with a few basic details, we’ll be able to send someone to repair your vehicle at the side of the road. If we can’t fix your van within an hour, we’ll arrange for you, your van and your passengers to be taken to the nearest garage. All of this means you can save a great deal of hassle, time and money. 

Our Ireland Van Breakdown cover, Ireland Van Breakdown Cover Plus and Ireland and UK Van Breakdown cover policies are all designed to cover vans that are 10 years old or less.

Sadly, if your van is over 10 years old, we are unable to provide you with Van Breakdown cover. 

Unfortunately, our Van Breakdown policies do not cover continental Europe. But, you do have the choice of two areas of cover: Van Breakdown cover for Ireland and Van breakdown cover for Ireland and the UK.

Our Van Breakdown cover for Ireland covers you in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. But, if you select our Van Breakdown cover for Ireland and the UK, you’re covered in the following countries:

  • The Republic of Ireland
  • Northern Ireland
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • The Channel Islands
  • The Isle of Man 
Our standard level of Breakdown cover for Ireland is designed to get you moving again if you run into trouble more than 1.5km away from home. Whether you’ve broken down or your car won’t start, our expert technicians are only a phone call away. 
With our Ireland and UK Breakdown cover, we can help you continue with your journey no matter where you are in the UK. From your driveway to the Dales, we’ll do everything we can to get you moving again. 
Our Ireland Breakdown Cover Plus policies include home assistance, so there’s no need to worry if you wake up one morning and find that your car won’t start. 
If you’re taking a holiday in Europe or driving across the continent, our European Breakdown cover can help protect you. If you’re unfortunate enough to break down in Europe, we’ll do everything possible to enable you to continue with your journey, including supplying a courtesy car, providing an onward rail fare or supplying overnight accommodation. 
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